St Francis Of Assisi Catholic Primary School

"As a community we serve God, pray, love and shine every day"

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St Francis of Assisi is a Catholic Primary School. Its role is to support parents in their responsibility to educate their children and lead them to grow in faith. In order to achieve this the school aims to:
  1. Provide a well-structured, warm and loving atmosphere, enabling young entrants to feel secure and older pupils to make an easy transition to secondary education;
  2. to enable all pupils to achieve their full potential, whatever their needs or talents, and to develop not only as individuals but as children of God; and
  3. provide a sound and balanced curriculum so that the children may acquire the skills, concepts and knowledge appropriate to the primary stages of education.
  4. celebrate the rich ethnic diversity of our community.

WORSHIP - We aim to provide the opportunity for each individual to experience and share prayer, liturgy and worship which will contribute to their religious education and spiritual growth.

THE SCHOOL IN THE COMMUNITY - We aim to encourage the development of an effective partnership between home, school and parish, fostering faith and encouraging interaction and growth; demonstrating by example, teaching and practice, concern for others and an awareness of our role in the wider community.

PROGRAMMES OF STUDY - We aim to provide programmes of study which reflect Christ’s teaching, cater for the needs of individuals and enable progression from year to year and to High School, developing the skills, concepts and knowledge appropriate to the primary stages of education and fulfilling the requirement of the National Curriculum.

INDIVIDUAL SUPPORT AND DEVELOPMENT - We aim to support all individuals on his/her journey of faith and in their education and personal development, having regard for the uniqueness and value of each person.