St Francis Of Assisi Catholic Primary School

"As a community we serve God, pray, love and shine every day"

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Our goal is to provide a first-class education for all our children, With governors, staff, parents and children working in
partnership for the benefit of all. We believe in equality of opportunity and are committed to maximise the potential of all through encouragement, support and mutual respect. Always striving to employ a Christ-centred approach, we have
passion, enthusiasm and commitment for our profession.

We want every child to become literate, numerate, well-informed, confident, capable of learning throughout life, and able to play an active part in the workforce and the community. We ensure our children access a wide range of worthwhile experiences, the benefits of which will stay with them in the years to come.

All pupils will be given the opportunity to become creative, innovative, and capable of leadership. Each child will be valued, stimulated and encouraged to make the best use of his/her gifts and talents. High achievement will take place within a secure, caring, happy environment where it is safe to explore and experiment.

We recognise that pupils will need education for a world of rapid change in which both flexible attitudes and enduring values have a part to play. We are a self-improving school, constantly evaluating our practices in order to bring about improvement and raise standards in all aspects of school life. Success is actively celebrated and built on. We all work as a team to ensure that our children become moral, well-rounded citizens well equipped to deal with the challenges they will face in life.