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2018 Autumn I Term

This half term has seen an excellent amount of progress in all areas of the curriculum. We continue to work extra hard as we focus on the upcoming SATs tests in May. 
The writing our children produced from the film clip 'Beyond the Lines' has been phenomenal and the best I have seen a year 6 produce at this stage in the year - I hope to share some of these with you. We will continue with the theme of World War II as the children continue to build on that knowledge. 
The children have shown great progress in maths with them now becoming increasingly confident with exam style questions and securing their application of a range of written methods for the four areas of calculation. 
We had a very exciting session with a zoologist who fetched a range of creepy crawlies to further deepen our knowledge on classification. The children were able to handle a range of animals, including a beetle, stick insects and a snake!! And would you believe a tarantula managed to escape and was found in the headteachers office- we cannot wait to write newspaper reports about this!  
The green trip this half term was a very exciting trip to Pizza express where each child was able to make their own pizza - they were very tasty! We hopefully look forward to inviting more children on this half terms green trip though they need to show good behaviour to be able to achieve this. 
Looking forward to a super Autumn II!