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2017 Autumn II Term

Year 6 have worked their socks off to fit everything in this half term. With our cinema trip, a retreat day, various discos, an art day and - for some - a green trip, plus many Christmas events to fit in, it’s been an action packed 7 weeks.

We began our WWII topic and read Friend or Foe by Michael Morpurgo. A visitor brought her own war experiences to our classroom and gave us an insight into a Jewish family and their war journey.   

In early November we spent a reflective day with Fr. Michael. We learned a lot about ourselves as well as our classmates. Working brilliantly as teams and making an effort to treat each other how we’d like to be treated, we had a very successful day of games, reflecting and meditation. We have laid the path for this day to be repeated in the future.

We have certainly grown over the first third of year 6 and are very ready for more wonderful writing, riveting reading, magical maths, a new RE topic and some scintillating science.


2017 Autumn I Term

Year 6 have had a good start to the new school year.

We began with unearthing the story in the book Tuesday by David Weisner. We then carried out telephone interviews to an eye witness and the detective in charge; we followed this up by writing a newspaper report. To kick start our WWII topic, we began reading Friend or Foe by Michael Morpurgo. We have written a diary, answered comprehension questions and looked at pros and cons of situations. We have improved our descriptive writing skills by investigating language, sentence openers and types of sentence.

In maths we developed our skills in place value, calculations, factors and prime numbers and are fast becoming arithmetic wizards. In science we have learnt about habitats and adaptation and carried out our own investigations. We will further this topic with evolution.

Our RE focus has been The Kingdom of God. We wrote a tweet to Pope Francis, researched parables and religious figures and created a web page. Some of the most well behaved children attended a ‘Green Trip’; wearing non-uniform, they had packed lunches then headed to the bowling alley where they competed in teams and had a Slush Puppy.

We’re looking forward to our next exciting half term. 


Hello and welcome to Y6 - your final year at St Francis. So let's make it an amazing one!

We have lots of hard work ahead of us. Helping you achieve some great things will be myself, Miss Lloyd, Mrs Phillips and also Mrs Snejberkova-Taylor. Looking forward to working with you and having fun. Your class teacher, Mrs Cole