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2018 Summer I Term

During this half term, in Year 5, we enjoyed learning about The Shang Dynasty. We looked at some historical evidence and artefacts and drew conclusions about the life during this period in time. We also researched and presented information about different aspects of Shang religion. Some facts about the divination ceremony and oracle bones we found out, shocked us!
We had great fun learning about Forces in Science. Year 5 learnt about gravitational force, air and water resistance and friction force. We were surprised to find out that mass and weight of an object is not the same and is measured in different units. Making parachutes and finding a perfect type that falls the slowest, was such an excitement.
We had to test our creativity designing boats from recycled materials. The quickest one took only 1 second to cross the water tray!
In RE lessons we talked a lot about Pentecost and have done a lot of creative work reflecting it. The Pentecost poster we made together, looks beautiful as well as the mini-books about Peace.
This half term we had a lot of sporting events at school and outside. The children had a fabulous day at Hunslet Cricket Grounds taking part in Kwick Cricket competition. The rainy morning didn`t spoil our fun at John Charles Sports Centre where we tried our swimming, riding a bike and running skills at a Triathlon event. Year 5 got back to school wet but still full of energy and with bags of goodies.
On 18th May the Royal Wedding celebration day was an exciting day as well as we came to school dressed up as princess and princesses, had a picnic outside and did a lot of fun activities.
Although we are nearly there, we still need to remember to do homework and bring it on time. The children need to remember that the Bug Club books need to be changed every week and the activities online have to be done regularly in order to progress.


2018 Spring II Term

Another term now complete and we are two thirds of the way through the school year. We had a great time learning all about the Ancient Greeks and we particularly enjoyed acting out The Trojan War! We also wrote some fantastic non-chronological reports about Greek gods and goddesses (and even made up some of our own). A recommended read from us is 'Who Let the Gods Out' by Maz Evans - it's a great adventure and full of humour!

Our science topic was also exciting and filled with experiments all about materials and their properties. We enjoyed using our ICT skills to present our findings on 'Which material would conduct electricity best to light up a football stadium?'

We had a class mass with Father Michael which we really enjoyed. He also thought we asked some great questions and gave some super answers! 

We still have lots more learning to do so we look forward to a Summer term full of warm weather (hopefully), sporting events and hard work to ensure we all reach our maximum potentials.


2018 Spring I Term

I cannot believe we're now half way through the academic year - it is flying by! We had another busy half term as we started our new topic of the Ancient Greeks. We now have our very own Greek temple in our library area for the children to enjoy. Our literacy link and class novel was using the book FArTHER. The children wrote their own sequels to the story - they've done a super job! Our topic within science has been materials and their properties which will also continue into next half term. We have completed lots of investigations for the children develop a depth to their understanding of describing materials and how they change (both reversible and irreversible changes).  
To top off the half term we had a fabulous time at the Harry Potter Book Night, where the children joined in with lots of muggle activities. Those who we were green for the half term - for their  behaviour and attitude towards learning - enjoyed a taught session for 2 hours at the Leeds Ice Cube! I would go so far as to say we're all now professionals! 

I look forward to meeting with parents in the upcoming parent consultations to be able to share your child's progress with you. Here's to another super half term! 


2017 Autumn II Term

We've had another great half term filled with lots of hard work. Alongside the hard work we've also had lots of fun!
At the beginning of the half term we enjoyed The Big Sing at Mount St Mary's where we worked collectively with other schools in creating a liturgy that was filled with songs and dance. Always one our favourite events of the year! We also then used one of these liturgical dances in our Advent assembly in school.
A highlight this half term was working with Wendy the Artist. We created some beautiful artwork of the nativity scene using inspiration from the famous artist Claude Monet. We used a blending technique to create different shades of colour. We then used these for the decoration of Christmas cards. We hope you liked them!
Thank you to all those parents who attend our class reading morning and took part in helping support and enhance your child's learning. It was a great success and we looked forward to running some more throughout the year - keep a look out for dates. It would be great to try some other subjects too!
As can be seen from above, it was a very busy one and we ended it beautifully in the lead up to Christmas with our tree dressing, Santa visit, assemblies and Christingle service!


2017 Autumn I Term

This half term has certainly been a busy one with lots of great learning. We enjoyed a brilliant Roald Dahl Day at the beginning which raised lots of money for new books for our library. The children were really creative with their costumes. A big thank you for parents support with this.  

As part of our science topic we had a trip to Magna Science Museum. The children were amazed at the sights and activities available within the different areas of water, air, fire and earth. We watched 'The Big Bang' which was a really old steel melting machine. A fascinating sight to see! 

We also enjoyed a Geography themed week where we shared a banquet of food from around the world. Within our geography work we focused on the local area and changes  that had occurred. From here we considered the impact that this would have had on the area and other services. This then led us to consider what future changes we could predict might happen.

We look forward to lots more creative learning next half term! 


Hello everyone!

It’s only week two, but we are already really focused on our learning and the year ahead. We have so much to look forward to this year and both children and staff are very excited about the challenges we face together. Please feel free to come and see me, before or after school. I am looking forward to seeing you all. Miss Appleyard