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2019 Summer l

Welcome back to our Summer term. The children all appeared suitably refreshed after the celebrations of Easter and were eager to work hard. The first week back was Friendship Week which the children always enjoy. They designed a jar and included in it the ingredients for being a good friend. Afterwards the classroom door was decorated with their colourful work.

In Guided Reading, we have started our new class novel – ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’. The reading focus each week is about extending vocabulary, inferencing, retrieval, summarising, explaining and making predictions. The class are working hard on learning these skills.

In Maths, we spent a large amount of time on fractions which the class found quite challenging. Our next topic was telling the time using both analogue and digital clocks. This included reading a 24 hour clock and a clock with roman numerals. Some children were already capable of telling the time using these clocks which was very pleasing.

On the 3rd May we had our final class assembly entitled ‘New Life’. It was very cross-curricular which the children thoroughly enjoyed. They had to learn their lines and a poem about Spring. They also made a beautiful collage about Spring. Everyone really enjoyed the performance.

We made our termly trip to Dewsbury Road library and borrowed books for the last time before the Summer holidays. The term finished with the May Procession led by Father Whitwell and the first Holy Communion children. It was a wonderful experience. It is hard to believe that we will be starting our final summer half term.


2019 Spring ll

Another half term over which seemed to go quickly as we returned at the end of February. On March 4th we had a Hindu focus day which involved learning about this religion through R.E. and Art. We celebrated World Book Day on the theme of bedtime stories, dressing up in pyjamas and doing various reading activities.

In Literacy, we have been focusing on non-chronological reports which involved reading and studying non-fiction about the Romans and wild animals. The children chose their own animal, researched it and wrote a report about it.

In Maths, we have been learning about statistics, length and perimeter. We are currently working on fractions.

On March 12th the whole school had a Science Focus Day where we did various activities about rocks and soils.

In R.E, our focus has been Lent and preparation for the Sacrament of Reconciliation. We also had a class mass on Friday 22nd March which was a joyful occasion.

On 23rd March some children in Year 3 received the Sacrament of Reconciliation with children from St. Anthony’s school. The children received the Sacrament respectfully. We were very proud of them.

As part of our Roman topic we had an Italian focus Day on 28th March. The children learnt about the geography and culture of modern Italy. They made their own pizzas and listened to Italian café music. It was an exciting way to end the term.



2019 Spring ll

New Year Resolutions seem such a long time ago! How time flies when you are busy. This half term has been very exciting. The children returned to school after the Christmas holidays well rested and eager to work hard and achieve their targets. On the first Friday back, we celebrated our welcome mass of 2019. Year 3 led the mass and prepared the readings and hymns. It was a beautiful prayerful start to the new term.

Mrs Fielding began her student placement in our class. Everyone welcomed her and the children have enjoyed her teaching them.

The Road Safety Team came to visit on the 15th January. Year 3 learnt about safety and seatbelts. They listened well and answered lots of questions. On 24th January the Dental Health Team visited our class to see how well we brush our teeth. They were very impressed and awarded us the gold standard award.

In Guided Reading, we have been reading Anne Fine’s ‘Diary of a Killer Cat.’ The class have enjoyed the story and have been very amused by the antics of Tuffy, the main character. We have studied Literacy, Drama, Art and Design Technology through the book too.

Our History topic, the Roman Legacy, has really inspired the class. They have done lots of their own research about the Romans. We are planning to visit Leeds Museum later next term to further our knowledge of Roman way of life by experiencing a Roman workshop.

In Maths, we have been working on multiplication and division. Also, money and statistics have been covered this term. We plan our lessons from the White Rose Hub which aims to achieve fluency in the topic but also provide opportunities for reasoning and problem solving.

Next term we will be into the season of Lent when we will be fundraising and making sacrifices to help people less fortunate than ourselves. We all need a well-deserved rest now before the second half term begins.



2019 Spring l Term

Year 3 Oral Dental Health Team Visit

Last Thursday Year 3 had a visit from the Oral Dental Health team. Our school is involved in the toothbrushing scheme. This means we get free toothbrushes and toothpaste so we can clean our teeth daily in school. Cathy from the team, came to check how well we were doing the job. After we had finished, the children were asked questions about how to maintain good dental hygiene. They answered really well explaining the importance of regular visits to the dentist. Cathy asked them what sort of foods caused dental decay and how fluoride in the toothpaste did the job. She was amazed at how knowledgeable they were.

The next day we received the gold standard certificate for toothbrushing and a box of resources to learn more about teeth. Our certificate is proudly displayed in class so everyone can see how well the scheme is working. Thank you to Cathy and her team!

2018 Autumn ll Term

Autumn 2 Year 3

This second half term has certainly passed quickly. It has been so busy with the Advent preparations and continued focus on curriculum coverage. In Topic we have been examining the Bronze Age and looking at the importance of Stonehenge. In Science the class have been studying Rocks and Soils. They have investigated different types of rocks and their properties. In R.E. we have been looking at the role of Mary and the importance of Advent in preparing for the birth of God’s son. Our focus as a school is improving grammar through writing. The children have worked hard at editing their own work and doing peer assessment.

The class had their cinema visit to see Hotel Transylvania 3 on Thursday 15th November. They behaved sensibly getting on and off the service bus to Leeds city centre. Both Staff and children thoroughly enjoyed it! At the end of November, we had a Sikhism focus day where the children gained an insight into Sikh customs and the importance of the Gurdwara. On 16th November we had our first-class mass of the year. It was a very prayerful occasion.

Year 3 and 4 performed their Advent assembly about Mary and Joseph. Everyone worked hard learning their lines and learning the hymns by heart. It was performed on Thursday 6th December and was well attended by parents. The following day we went to Dewsbury Road library to choose some books. The children were well behaved and polite in the library. We had our annual Christingle service on Friday 14th December. Every child made their own Christingle which was then taken to church to be blessed.

We look forward to a well-deserved rest for Christmas and to an exciting new term in 2019. Text Box: This Photo by Unknown Auth is licensed under CC BY-ND

2018 Autumn l Term

This term has passed quickly as it always does. The children have settled well into their new class especially being Key Stage 2 now. They have adopted a sensible and mature approach to school.

In September we had an Islam focus day where the children did a variety of activities. On 4th October we celebrated the feast of Saint Francis of Assisi. We had a beautiful mass then did activities about St. Francis in the afternoon. Each child made a St. Francis bookmark. 

On October 17th we visited the Yorkshire Museum to learn about the Stone, Bronze and Iron Age. The children thoroughly enjoyed the Prehistoric Progress workshop where they took part in various exciting activities like making a Stone Age tent, drawing using pieces of flint, coin making, weaving on a loom and dressing up for a hunting ceremony. The day passed quickly with lunch outside in the beautiful gardens and a quick look at the ruins of St. Mary’s Chapel. The staff were very pleased with how the children conducted themselves around the museum. There will be time to do follow up activities back at school.

It was our turn to do a class assembly on 19th October about ’The Christian Family’. With less time to practise the assembly due to the Museum trip, the children worked very hard learning lines and doing the role play. It was enjoyed by everyone.

Well done! Last Monday was Open Day for parents and was well attended.

Next term will be exciting with a class mass and a collective worship to prepare. Also, we have a visit to the cinema in November too. I hope everyone has a restful holiday then return refreshed and ready to work hard.