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2018 Summer I Term

Welcome back to our Summer term. The children all appeared suitably refreshed after the celebrations of Easter and were eager to work hard. Our Friendship Focus Week was the second week back. Our class enjoyed all the activities, especially making friendship cookies for the Nursery children. Each classroom door was decorated with a friendship theme. We also had our termly trip to Dewsbury Road Library to borrow some new books.

On the 23rd April we had a Jewish Focus day where the class learnt about Moses and the Exodus. They produced some beautiful Art/D. T around this topic. That same week it was Year 3’s class assembly about St. George. The assembly was very cross-curricular involving Drama, Poetry, Reading Singing and playing musical instruments. The children gave of their best and thoroughly entertained everyone.

On Friday 18th the whole school celebrated the Royal Wedding. The class dressed up as royalty and made crowns to wear. They learnt about the Royal Family Tree.

In Geography, we have been learning about weather around the world. We have studied different geographical areas and the climate found there. The children have done extra research at home about this to further their knowledge. We will be focusing on seaside locations and are looking forward to our visit to Bridlington on 13th June. The Lifeboat Team(RNLI) will give a talk and show the class around the lifeboat station. Everyone is really looking forward to it.



2018 Spring II Term

The second half term began with school being closed due to snow and ice. Everyone was glad to get back to a normal week in March. Preparations for First Reconciliation began, and the children enjoyed completing the relevant pages in their ‘I Belong book’. On Saturday 10th March, 22 children received the sacrament of Reconciliation in St. Francis Church. It was a lovely prayerful experience.

World Book Day was celebrated a week later than expected because of the snow. Most children dressed up as a character from a book and did various themed activities. Assessment week started on 12th March and the pupils saw this as a challenge and gave of their best. We were pleased to report about pupil progress to parents on 21st March at Open Day.

As part of our Lenten activities each class has been fundraising. Year 3 and Reception did well raising over a £100. Thank you to all parents for your support.

From 19th March the school had a Science Focus Week where pupils did a range of activities related to Science. The class did work on Isaac Newton and this inspired some children to research scientists at home. Well done! Last Friday we had an Italian Focus morning to conclude our Roman topic. The children made their own pizzas and sampled some Italian food. They made flags and danced to some Italian Café music. They learnt about famous Italians like Leonardo Da Vinci. Afterwards we found out how Italians celebrate Holy Week and Easter.

During Holy Week, each class prepared an assembly telling the story of the events of Jesus’ death and resurrection. Year 3 and 4 performed The Last Supper which was very moving and well-acted.

We look forward to celebrating Easter at home with our families and hope to return refreshed and rested for an eventful summer term.

Easter Blessings from the staff in Year 3!


2018 Spring I Term

Another busy and exciting Spring term has passed. The class made New Year resolutions and discussed their goals for the new term. We were delighted to have Miss Gray, our student teacher, working with us.

In Maths we have been working on multiplication using the grid method. The children have been learning their times tables which has really helped them. We also looked at money problems and handling data.

As our school focus is Reading Comprehension this year our class novel “Diary of a Killer Cat”, by Anne Fine, has been the basis of our Reading lessons. The children have really enjoyed it.

At the start of the new term, the Road Safety team came to work with Year 3 looking at travelling safely and the importance of seat belts. The class were very attentive and asked lots of questions.

Our History topic, the Roman Legacy, has really inspired the class. They have done lots of their own research about the Romans. On 31st January, we had our Roman Workshop brought to us by the Outreach Services of Malton Museum. The children were enthusiastic and very well behaved.

In R.E we had a Hindu focus day. The children enjoyed the activities especially the meditation and contributed to Mrs Broughton’s exciting display outside of Year3 and 4 classrooms.

On 4th February, we had the Enrolment mass for the pupils making their First Confession. The children received their ‘I Belong’ book from Father Michael and the whole parish prayed for them. It was well attended, and it was a prayerful experience. After half term, preparation for receiving this sacrament will begin.

We look forward to a good rest at half term and return refreshed for more challenges and enjoyment.



2017 Autumn II Term

This second half term has certainly passed quickly. It has been so busy with the Advent preparations and continued focus on curriculum coverage. In Topic we have been examining the Bronze Age and looking at the importance of Stonehenge. I have been delighted with the research children have done at home about this subject! In Science the class have been studying Rocks and Soils. They have investigated different types of rocks and their properties.

In R.E. we have been looking at the role of Mary and the importance of Advent in preparing for the birth of God’s son. Our focus as a school is improving Reading Comprehension and the class have enjoyed the structure of these lessons. It is important that they do their reading homework through Bug Club but also read a variety of genres at home.


The class had their cinema visit to see Zootropolis on Monday 13th November. Both Staff and children thoroughly enjoyed it! We were fortunate to have a peripatetic artist working with each class doing Christmas painting. Year 3 made some beautiful Christmas landscape scenes which are displayed in our classroom. At the end of November, we had a Sikhism focus day where the class learnt about Guru Tegh Bahadur and gained an insight into Sikh customs and religion. Also, we had whole school assessment in Maths, Writing and Reading. The children gave of their best as usual.

Year 3 and 4 performed an Advent assembly on the theme of Mary and Joseph. Everyone worked hard learning their lines and learning the hymns by heart. It was performed on Friday 1st December and was well attended by parents. We had our annual Christingle service on 6th December. Every child made their own Christingle which was then taken to church to be blessed.

We look forward to a well-deserved rest for Christmas and to an exciting new term in 2018.


2017 Autumn I Term

As usual, this first half -term has flown. All the children have settled in quickly to the routines of Key Stage 2. Our focus for the new school year was New Beginnings and every class decorated their classroom door with this theme. Our class read ‘The Rainbow Fish’ by Marcus Pfister and based their work on friendship and working together. In the second week, we had Roald Dahl day where everyone dressed up as a character and we did focused activities on ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’, Our class novel.

As a school this year, we are focusing on reading comprehension and using our new scheme ‘Cracking Comprehension’. The children are learning all the skills associated with understanding a text-vocabulary, inference, prediction, explanation, retrieval and summarising. It is important that pupils complete their Bug Club reading and homework as it is all part of boosting comprehension and producing fluent readers. On the same theme we visited Dewsbury Road library and borrowed books.

At the end of September Year 3 and 4 had a Sacrament Talk with Father Michael in church. The children listened very well and asked lots of interesting questions. In R.E, our topic has been The Christian Family and Baptism, so the children got first-hand experience from Father Michael about what happens when you receive this sacrament. In October, we had a Jewish focus day for the festival of Sukkot. The children did exciting activities like making a star of David out of salt dough and food tasting.

Our Geography focus week was very exciting. On Tuesday we had a food and flag day where everyone dressed in the colours of their country. Parents kindly sent in lots of delicious food for everyone to share.

Our History topic this term is studying the Stone Age era. As part of this work Year 3 visited the Yorkshire Museum on 11th October. Everyone had an exciting time doing an educational workshop involving setting up a tepee, making coins, weaving, cave drawings, designing a clay pot and dressing up. The children were polite and listened well. The staff were very proud of them.

Everyone is ready for a well-deserved rest now, so we can come back to school refreshed and eager to enjoy the second half term.



Welcome to Year 3!

Your teachers will be Mrs Briggs (Mon-Wed) and Mrs Pierce (Thurs-Fri) and other adults helping us learn are Miss Craven and Miss O'Hara.  

We are looking forward to meeting you and together we will work hard to help your child reach their potential.