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2018 Autumn I Term

This term has passed quickly as it always does. The children have settled well into their new class especially being Key Stage 2 now. They have adopted a sensible and mature approach to school. In September we had an Islam focus day where the children did a variety of activities. On 4th October we celebrated the feast of Saint Francis of Assisi. We had a beautiful mass then did activities about St. Francis in the afternoon. Each child made a St. Francis bookmark.  On October 17th we visited the Yorkshire Museum to learn about the Stone, Bronze and Iron Age. The children thoroughly enjoyed the Prehistoric Progress workshop where they took part in various exciting activities like making a Stone Age tent, drawing using pieces of flint, coin making, weaving on a loom and dressing up for a hunting ceremony. The day passed quickly with lunch outside in the beautiful gardens and a quick look at the ruins of St. Mary’s Chapel. The staff were very pleased with how the children conducted themselves around the museum. There will be time to do follow up activities back at school. It was our turn to do a class assembly on 19th October about ’The Christian Family’. With less time to practise the assembly due to the Museum trip, the children worked very hard learning lines and doing the role play. It was enjoyed by everyone. Well done! Last Monday was Open Day for parents and was well attended.

Next term will be exciting with a class mass and a collective worship to prepare. Also, we have a visit to the cinema in November too. I hope everyone has a restful holiday then return refreshed and ready to work hard.