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Summer Term l 2019

Year 2 – Plants and Poetry


The children have written stories about ‘The Owl Babies’ and the greater depth reading group have read other stories by the same author.


In guided reading we are learning how to read fluently for understanding and to answer a range of skill based questions. We have used ‘60 second’ reads to help us with this. We have also completed our special year 2 assessments for reading, but continue to work on our reading skills to enhance them, prior to a final decision being made about our developmental levels at the end of the academic year.

In Mathematics we have worked very hard learning about time. This has proved very challenging for all children and if you are able to continue to extra skill practise telling the time this would be helpful. The children have practised some test examples and we have covered a range of ‘revision’ lessons reminding them of key strategies in preparation for our tests. The tests were completed at the end of May and we will continue to enhance our skills prior to a final decision being made about our developmental levels at the end of the academic year.

In Science we are learning about ‘Animals and Habitats’. We have started this topic and it will continue into next half term. The children classified a range of things into the categories of ‘dead’, ‘living’ and ‘never have been alive’.

In RE our topic was ‘Easter Tide’. We have studied a range Bible stories linked to this topic, thinking carefully about the emotions of the disciples and the way sad news turned into good news. This topic also included information about the Holy Spirit, and children designed their own symbols for the Holy Spirit.

In Geography we have started a termly topic, looking at where our food comes from. We began by reflecting on where we bought our own favourite foods and where we did our shopping. We visited the school kitchen and looked at where and how food is stored or preserved. The children thought about fruit and vegetables and how these are best grown and which country they originate from.


Summer Term 2019

Year 2 – Sporting Events

The children have written stories based around the rhyming patterns of ‘Oi Dog’ and ‘Oi Frog’. Our other writing opportunities including writing non-chronological reports about the world cup, our achievements and aims for year 3, and acrostic poems for Hampers of Hope, Football and Summer.


Image result for Oi dog


In guided reading the children have read longer class novels by the same author as ‘The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark’, exploring the style these stories are written in. We have completed comprehensions based around the World Cup Football and Tennis. We have read some parts of the year 3 class novel to help children begin to think about the characters, plot and sequence of events in preparation for the coming work.

In Mathematics we have continued our focus around measuring and extended our problem solving skills with a range of topic challenges, puzzles and pathways.

In Science we are learning about ‘Animals and Habitats’. We have continued this topic area. To identify creatures in a range of environments and the children have explained why some creatures are adapted to live in a certain place.

In Design and Technology we have used a range of skills to create our Enterprise goods. The children made pencil pots, drinks bottles, aeroplanes, fans, flags, butterfly sweet treats etc. We sold many of our items at the Enterprise Sale and all monies raised will go towards buying new reading resources.

Image result for Butterfly sweet bags

In RE our topic was ‘The Church is Born’. We have studied a range bible stories linked to this topic, thinking carefully about the emotions of the disciples and the way sad news turned into good news. This topic also included information about the Holy Spirit and asked questions related to friendships.

We have also visited our new class to prepare for September and Mrs Deighton explained to us that she will be keeping a good eye on our writing work, coming to see it every couple of weeks in her coordinating role.

Spring ll Term 2019

Year 2 – Poetry


We have used a range of poetry to explore the techniques that the author has chosen and explain why we like some poems more than others. We looked at the skills poet’s use and tried to include these in our own Friendship Potion writing. We wrote a recount of our visit to Lotherton Hall, using paragraphs to group our ideas.


We visited Lotherton Hall and bird gardens. The children enjoyed the workshops with a Florence Nightingale theme and they played nurse, carefully looking after a teddy bear. They looked around the bird gardens in the afternoon and really enjoyed comparing and learning new bird facts. Our afternoon workshop was about ‘Habitats’, our science topic.

In guided reading we are learning how to answer questions about poetry and we have had many practises at some SAT questions. The parents joined us for a reading morning. We have also completed some speed reading exercises – looking at reading 90m words per minute.

In Mathematics we have investigated fractions, looking at how to show fractions of a quantity. We looked at fraction challenges with some tricky problems.

In Science we began our new topic of ‘Living Things and Their Habitats’. For Science Week we participated in a whole school science workshop and completed class experiments.

In Art and Design we created gifts for Good Shepherd including candle pots, prayer angels and delicious ‘goodies’ to eat.

In RE our topic was ‘The Mass’. We have studied a range of parts for the Catholic Mass and the children now feel more confident about the parts when they join in.

Spring l Term 2019

Year 2 – Jack and the Beanstalk - Growing


We have used the text of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ to write our own stories, using different sentence types (questions, statements, commands and exclamations), expanded noun phrases, and a range of punctuation. We also wrote Winter poems using alliteration.

Image result for images - jack and the beanstalk

We talked about fiction (story) books and non-fiction (factual books). The children were encouraged to borrow a non-fiction book from our school library to assist with guided reading opportunities.

In guided reading we are learning how to answer questions relating to facts and opinions. The children looked at a range of fiction and non-fiction texts to support similarity and differences. We completed some guided reading tests and a longer comprehension about the Chinese New Year.

In Mathematics we have investigated division and multiplication. The children have completed lots of morning challenges based on this topic using their problem solving skills. The children have completed ‘statistics’ looking at pictograms and tally charts, answering questions about what the charts show.

In History, we have started our work on Florence Nightingale, exploring what hospitals were like in the past and how Florence encouraged improvements in nursing and hygiene. This will link well to our planned visit to Lotherton Hall.

In Science we have learned all about plants and bulbs. The children looked at experiments with hyacinths and created different growing conditions to match a simple hypothesis. We carried out simple fair tests and recorded our results.

In Art we designed and created winter theme pictures and these are displayed in our cloakroom area.

In RE our topic was ‘The Good News’ and children retold three key bible stories including Feeding the 5000. They used these stories to reflect about how to spread the Good News of Jesus and God to other people. We designed posters to show how Catholic people can spread the Good News and this will lead into our thoughts and reflections about Lent and how Catholic people act at this time of year.

Autumn ll Term 2019

Summary of Learning – Autumn 2

Year 2 – The Fire of London

We have used the text of ‘Pumpkin Soup’ to write stories, using expanded noun phrases, interesting vocabulary, and punctuation.  The children also made pumpkin soup and wrote recipes.  Last of all we wrote a letter to a special man in a red suit.

In guided reading we are learning how to answer more in-depth reading questions.  This half term we have focused on inference and building up our knowledge of skills ready for our reading tests in the summer.  Parents joined us for a successful reading morning and we grew some adult brains too!

In Mathematics we have investigated addition and subtraction.  We have used money for simple problems and to add with.  We looked carefully at all English coins and notes. The children have also completed morning challenges related to money to continue to develop their money skills.   The children have also used repeated addition, picture representation and number sentences for multiplication.  Next half term we will use multiplication as our focus for morning challenge work.

In topic work, we have looked at The Great Fire of London.  The children sequenced events for this historic event and we have

discussed what led to this occurring.  We have looked at how we can learn from history and the development of the Fire Service.

In Science we have learned all about materials and the properties that can make them fit for a particular purpose.  We created some simple experiments to test materials and recorded our findings.

In Art we painted winter scenes using a range of different printing techniques, come and see the work on display in our cloakroom. For Design and Technology, the children designed and made Christmas Angels in a range of different ways.  They compared the use of materials and decided which effects they preferred and why.

In RE our topic was ‘Mysteries’ and I hope you enjoyed our Advent assembly.  We have told the Christmas story in small parts, looking the roles of the shepherds, angels and the three wise men.  We have asked some big questions about the Catholic faith and looked at home Catholic people celebrate at this time of year.  The children also, designed their own Trinity symbols.

2018 Autumn l Term 

We have used the text of ‘Mama Panya’s Pancakes’ to write innovated stories, using expanded noun phrases, questions and exclamation sentences. We carefully worked each week on a small part of the story and in week 5 we wrote our own whole stories. We have also written acrostic poems for African animals and persuasive posters after visiting the Wildlife Park.

In guided reading we are learning how to answer more in-depth reading questions. This half term we have focused on vocabulary skills, florescent highlighting the text, and some sequencing skills.

In Mathematics we have investigated place value, using single and double digit numbers in our reasoning and problem solving activities. We have looked at addition and subtraction and the order the numbers need to be in, solving some simple missing number problems and some brain squashing tasks.

In Geography, we have looked at the continents and oceans in the world, looking at creatures that live in each place. For example, we studied penguins and their environment when we looked at the continent of Antarctica.

In Science we have learned all about ‘Animals and Humans’. We focused on the things we need to survive and what animals may need to survive. We designed Little Science Books containing important information about washing, hygiene, healthy eating and exercises.

In French we learned the French name for a range of wild African animals and tested our friends knowledge by speaking in French and asking them to guess our animal.

In RE our topic was ‘Chosen People’ and I hope you enjoyed our assembly. We have focused on 3 bible stories, Moses as a baby, Abraham leaving his home and Daniel in the lion’s den. We talked about our own talents and how we can share them, designing flower petals for our RE area. We changed our class saint to St Margaret Clitheroe now we are in year 2, and we began learning about her too.

Our beautiful African art work is on display in our cloakroom – please come in to take a look.