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Autumn I Term 2017

We have used the text of ‘Mama Panya’s Pancakes’ to write innovated stories, using expanded noun phrases, questions and exclamation sentences. We carefully worked each week on a small part of the story and in week 5 we wrote our own whole stories. We have also written acrostic poems for African animals and we are going to write persuasive posters after visiting the Wildlife Park.


We visited the library on Dewsbury Road and the children really enjoyed the active session. When we returned to school we chose to keep our library books for our table independent reading skills.

In guided reading we are learning how to answer more in-depth reading questions. This half term we have focused on vocabulary skills, florescent highlighting the text, and some sequencing skills.

In Mathematics we have investigated place value, using single and double digit numbers in our reasoning and problem solving activities. We have looked at addition and subtraction and the order the numbers need to be in, solving some simple missing number problems and some brain squashing tasks.

In Geography, we have looked at the continents and oceans in the world, looking at creatures that live in each place. For example, we studied penguins and their environment when we looked at the continent of Antarctica. We had a Geography Week in school and made flags and ate lots of delicious food our families brought in.

In Science we have learned all about ‘Animals and Humans’. We focused on the things we need to survive and what animals may need to survive. We designed Little Science Books containing important information about washing, hygiene, healthy eating and exercises.

In French we learned the French name for a range of wild African animals and tested our friends knowledge by speaking in French and asking them to guess our animal.

In RE our topic was ‘Chosen People’ and I hope you enjoyed our assembly. We have focused on 3 bible stories, Moses as a baby, Abraham leaving his home and Daniel in the lion’s den. We talked about our own talents and how we can share them, designing flower petals for our RE area. We changed our class saint to St Margaret Clitheroe now we are in year 2, and we began learning about her too.

Our beautiful African art work is on display in our cloakroom – please come in to take a look.


Hello parents and Year 2!

Welcome back to school. Our staff in Year 2 are Mrs Deighton and Mrs Bray. We also share Miss Leach and Miss Berry helping us this year. Please do not hesitate to speak to us if you have any questions or queries about Year 2.