St Francis Of Assisi Catholic Primary School

"As a community we serve God, pray, love and shine every day"

Our School  »  Members of Staff

HEADTEACHER     -    Mrs J McGrath

Acting Deputy HT         Mrs V. Snejberkova-Taylor

Year 6                         Miss V. Appleyard
Year 5                         Mrs A. Cole & Mrs E. Smith
Year 4                         Mrs J. Broughton & Mrs S. Ibrahim
Year 3                         Mrs. C.Pierce & Mrs C. Briggs
Year 2                         Mrs. V Deighton
Year 1                         Miss R Cartwright
Reception                    Mrs H. Shaw
Nursery                       Mrs M Evans

Support Teacher        Mrs. S. Saddik-Ibrahim

EAL Teacher             Mrs J. Moreton

School Manager         Mrs C Cartwright

Learning Mentor         Mrs P Waddington

Admin Assistant         Mrs N Hewitson

HLTAs                      Miss.L.Lloyd
                                 Miss.A. O'Hara
                                 Mrs I Smith

School Support Staff     Mrs.J.Ingham
                                   Mrs K Smith
                                   Miss S Berry
                                   Mrs B Bray
                                   Miss C Hammill
Superintendent          Mr.C. Cox
Cleaner                        Miss V Greenwood
                                     Miss M Pickles

Midday Supervisor     Miss.K.Craven

Lunchtime Supervisory Mrs.P.Phillips
Assistants                   Mr C Cox
                                   Miss C Hammill
                                   Mrs N Ali                                   

Kitchen Supervisor    Mrs.J.Stead 
                                  (employed by Catering Agency)