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Super Saturday indeed! On Saturday 28th Januray 24 children from years 5 and 6 along with 3 members of staff: Mrs Evans, Ms, Roache and Mrs Ali attended Super Saturday at Thackray Medical Museum, Leeds.

It was indeed an enjoyable morning. Despite the bitterly cold weather we met outside school at 9:15 am to take the coach to the Museum where we were met by Phil and his volunteers. In two groups the children were given a guided tour of the museum’s Victorian Street by Charlotte, one of the museum staff who was dressed in Victorian clothes.

Not to be outdone and in order to add to the authenticity of the experience the children also wore a Victorian cap! The sights and smells of the Street were at times shocking but nevertheless the tour was both informative and enjoyable.  
During the break Phil introduced the children and reintroduced some of the adults to the delicious taste of Garibaldi biscuits! Named after the famous Italian General, they are now a definite must for every biscuit barrel! Following the break the children changed activities and those who had spent the morning dancing then visited the Street. The dance workshop was led by Fran from Hunslet Hawks Cheerleaders and she certainly knows how to put the children through their paces! A whole routine was perfected in just one session and everyone joined in.

As always the Children’s University team had organised an action packed, fun filled morning. This was only the second of the Super Saturdays to take place off the Trinity Campus and thanks to Phil’s superb organisation, the children’s  exemplary  behaviour and the Museum staff’s magnanimous welcome a super time was had by all.


Last weekend, our Year6 children participated in another Super Saturday - this time the theme was a Parliament Day, a very interesting activity indeed.

The day started with a stand displaying photographs of Leonora Cohen, a woman who entered the Jewel House at the Tower of London one Saturday in February 1913, to protest against women not being able to vote. The children learned that she threw an iron bar at a glass showcase in the Jewel House in the Tower of London. There were photos of her and a copy of a letter she used in her defense. The children were very interested and asked the lady from Leeds Museum a lot of questions. They had activities based around the story.

Once we went to the room downstairs, Phil talked to the children about parliament, politics and voting. The learning activities were done in a creative and engaging way. After lunch, when Stuart Andrew joined us, the children took part in a mock election, which they thoroughly enjoyed. Voting and decision making were made fun by allowing the children tom decide how we decide who would get a bendy Children's University pen.

The whole experience was informative and fun. Stuart Andrew was a good sport and really helped the children to understand the procedures and pressures of being an MP. He was very patient, signing autographs and answering questions. 

A super day!! Thank you


Last Thursday, 19th November, 7 Pupils from Year 6 attended a Journalism Event called ‘Thrilling Thursday’ at Leeds Trinity University. First the children were taken into the Radio Studio  where they used sound recording equipment and had ‘hands on’ experience of being a radio DJ .They were very confident and even had the chance to interview the staff from school. Afterwards everyone gathered in the main newsroom where we learnt about the different roles in the newsroom and had the opportunity to use TV cameras, Autocue, sound desk and lighting.

At the end of this experience Jason McCartney, MP for Colne Valley arrived to give a short talk about his life. Then everyone was able to ask him questions. This session was filmed by the staff and children. The children asked really interesting questions and Mr Mc Cartney answered them openly and then asked the children some questions. It was a very rewarding and worthwhile experience.  The teachers were very proud of how well behaved and sensible the children were. Maybe this exciting event will inspire pupils from St. Francis of Assisi school to become future journalists!


Freezing but Fabulous! This is what year 6 children thought about our day on Yeadon Tarn. We spent the morning bell boating, canoeing and kayaking. Looking superb in their waterproof gear, they were enthusiastic to dive in (some took this a little too literally, and did end up in the water!)
In three groups, each led by an instructor, the children learned how to control a paddle in the various boats. The instructors gave purposeful guidance and early on in each session, the children felt they were achieving. In the bell boat, children stood at the front (Titanic style) and learned how to improve their balancing skills.
Despite it being one of the very few cold days we’ve had this October, the children were positive and enthusiastic. A challenging and rewarding day for all. 

Comments from children:
I thought it was good and I had a good partner because I could see she was brave. Fantastic and cold. Marcia
It was fun and exciting, I could do it everyday. Redie
I really liked bell boating, although I didn't know what it was. Freezing! Fabulous! Wiktoria.B
I liked the canoeing because it was incredible teamwork. We played games and it was fun. Sharon
It was cold, but I didn't care. It was fun. Cold and awesome. Valter
I thought it was really good fun and I fell in the lake. Big achievement. Julia


Our Y5 and Y6 children have been given an exciting opportunity to become part of The Children’s University which operates through more than 100 local centres, each linked to a Higher or Further Education institution.
What is the aim?
  • Provide high-quality, voluntary, out-of-school-hours learning activities for young children
  • Raise aspirations, boost achievement and foster a love of learning 
  • Make the most of young people’s abilities and interests, regardless of their background
“Guided by our Catholic identity and faith foundation, we provide an exceptional educational experience in a diverse community. We are committed to the promotion of dignity, respect, social justice and equality in order to deliver positive social impacts.”
How does it work?
  • Pupils receives a ‘Passport’ which looks and feels like the real thing
  • For every hour of voluntary participation in Children's University™ learning activities pupils receive a stamp in their passport
  • Learning Activities take place in ‘Learning Destinations’ (after-school and lunch-time clubs at our school; clubs run by other groups and organisations – such as scouts, brownies, performing arts, sporting clubs and many more; and public learning places – such as museums, libraries, theatres, etc) 
  • Pupils receive Award Certificates when certain targets are reached (Bronze Award for 30 hrs, Silver Award for 65 hrs and Gold Award for 100 hrs). These will be presented during a special event held at our school.
  • After that there is the chance to achieve further and move up the nine levels
  • To celebrate great achievements, a large-scale ‘Graduation Ceremony’ will be held at Leeds Trinity University in the summer of 2015, where the pupils involved will be able to wear caps and gowns and will be presented with their certificates in front of their family and friends – a fantastic, life-changing occasion that will be remembered forever! 
How to get involved?
To mark this special event, we have organised a very exciting day for all Y5 and Y6 pupils:
  • All Y5 and Y6 pupils are invited to take part in a non-uniform day (please bring £1).
  • There will be a special assembly (9.45am-10.30am), which will launch the Children University programme in our school. Parents are welcome to attend.
  • We have invited the Children’s University chief officer, Philip Hardy, who will be our guest speaker and who will able to answer any questions pupils or parents may have.
  • In the afternoon, pupils will have an opportunity to sample some of the CU learning activies. We have put together 6 taster sessions – dance, drama, sport, baking, art&design and first aid – that will provide a flavour of the sort of clubs and groups we will soon be running for the CU.
  •  Pupils can receive their CU passport (please bring £1.50) and start collecting stamps that afternoon!