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Attendance & Punctuality

Regular attendance at school is vital to help children to achieve and get the best possible start in life. Children who frequently miss school often fall behind. There is a strong link between good school attendance and achieving good results.

In our school we do everything we possibly can to help your child achieve their full potential and succeed in the future. Part of that is keeping you well informed.

Each half-term, we are sending home an “Attendance Awareness” slip to inform you about your child’s attendance. Please, take it on board and help us to help your child get THE BEST start in life!

1) Names of all children with 97% and above attendance are entered into a draw, where each half-term, one child wins a Smyths Toys Store voucher.

2) We also reward children for arriving to school on time (8.50am). A cup is awarded, weekly, to a class with the least number of lates. 



We are rewarding children for their GOOD working, learning and social BEHAVIOUR.

This is how it will work:

1) Every week, one child from each year group is chosen for their efforts in learning, good interactions with others and excellent behaviour in & out of class. As an instant reward, these children access sport & game activities lead by our sports coach. 

2) At the end of each term, class teachers will choose children in their class to receive 1 GOLD, 5 SILVER and 10 BRONZE awards. In a whole school ceremony, these children are then presented with a special certificate and raffle tickets (5 for the gold award, 3 for the silver award and 1 for the bronze award), which go into a final draw at the end of the year. There are quite substantial prizes awarded!

Good Luck everyone!



1) Each week, a child from each class is chosen to eat their lunch with the head teacher. This can be achieved by using excellent manners in the dining room, playing well with other children, speaking politely to others and lining up beautifully.

2) We encourage all our children to eat healthily and make healthy choices. A certificate is awarded to pupils who bring & eat a healthy packed lunch and those who choose & eat a healthy school dinner.