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100% Attendance Award - academic year 2016/2017

Information arriving soon...

‘Superstar Workers’ 

We are introducing a new school reward which will be awarded for GOOD BEHAVIOUR (both working/learning and social behaviour)

This is how it will work:

1) At the end of each term, class teachers will choose children in their class to receive 1 GOLD, 5 SILVER and 10 BRONZE awards. The children will each be presented with a special certificate in a whole school ceremony.

2) These children will also be given raffle tickets (5 for the gold award, 3 for the silver award and 1 for the bronze award) which will go into a final draw at the end of the year. There will be quite substantial prizes awarded!

3) Each classrooms will have a display of the children's achievemens throughout the year (in form of 3 cups- gold, silver and bronze). Teachers will also keep a list to ensure correct raffle tickets are put into the end of year draw.

Good Luck everyone!